Keeping the Soul...(Portrait photography).

This is Shari Johns-Jules a Londoner songwriter and singer, also a friend of mine who I use to photographing. This photo was taken in a Studio in Cristal Palace during a rehearsal. Shari has something special when is in front of a camera; She is very comfortable and you just need to control the lighting, nothing else, the rest is done. I took this photo in a small break between songs, when I saw her in that position getting ready for the next performance I set up my continuous light at 3200K and I shoot, I didn't think, just wanted the photo, even didn't say anything, I got ready and just before the click she looked at me spontaneously and that it. I love this photo, has soul, power and war

Correfoc de La Mercè. No -On fire- this year.

Barcelona, on September the 28th, 2020. Every September from the 24th until the 26th (Check dates every year you want to join), Barcelona celebrates Its biggest feast:La Mercè; with more than 350 cultural events across the city. One of the most spectacular celebrations is the "Correfoc" when different groups dressed in devil customs, carrying flares and playing drums invade part of the city spreading fireworks wherever. People follow them dancing, screaming and running from the explosions and lines of fire covering the streets. Pure adrenaline... Unfortunately this year hasn't been like that because of the bloody Covid-19. The photos you see are from previous years and I hope is gonna be lik


In the #cityoflondon the Old and the New Town live alongside each other. This photo has been taken in #plantationplace ; a financial district and office development with no more than 90 years of history, you also can see the Sky garden built in 2014. The old stone spire belongs to St Margaret Patterns Church with almost 1000 years of history 😳. Amazing. #architecture #urbanism #london #londonbuildings #skygarden #development #architecturephotography #stmargaretpattens #uk #england #history #cityscapes #blue #londonurbanism

Social Distancing in Central Line. London

Central line. London. UK. On Friday the 25th 2020. 18:25 Tricky thing keep the Social Distance on Friday after work. Actually, no much more we can do; from 4pm the lines get very busy of commuters and students returning home after the whole day. The Central Line, with a length of 46mi crosses London from East to West and is one If the busiest lines. Was opened in July 1900 and It’s a proper tube with not capacity, neither ventilation enough to keep a safe distance during the rush hours. However, everybody wears face mask and try to keep the rules as much as they can. Photo: Marcos Casado.

Fashion portrait.

I took this photo eleven years ago in Barcelona. I like to say that is one of my favourites fashion portraits. However, in 2009 this type of photos were not considered good images. Like, out of date or old fashion style not in use anymore. I didn’t care honestly, and my customer was very happy with the series. Was taken at ISO3200 f2.8 1/60, daylight White balance and a direct flash without diffuser; I used a hybrid non professional equipment with a digital body 4mp and an analogical 50mm lens manual focus. Some colleges told me I was crazy, but I didn’t care, haha. Photography is a language and you can use anything you consider to get the message for your customer. Today, I’m happy to see y

Pregnancy photography. Backlight. London. (Portrait).

I really like this kind of sessions. Are plenty of creativity and feelings. In this case I wanted a Backlight frame to get a perfect silhouette. To achieve this photo I just needed a high contrast scenario pointing up the lights to the background (You don’t need to illuminate the model). I got 5 spots of difference between the high lights and the shadows, which was enough to get the results. To take the photo I focused to the model but I put in my camera the measure from the background’s light: f22, 1/250, ISO200 against the shadows’ light: f3,5. I decided to use this settings because the f22 gave me shallow deep enough to get the floor also in focus, which was what I looked for. Take your

Freedom for Julian Assange.

London. UK. Monday the 21st, 2020. A group of protesters were concentrated in front of the Central Criminal Court at Old Bailey Street claiming freedom for Julian Assange, the Australian editor, publisher and activist who founded Wikileaks in 2006.

St. Paul’s Cathedral. London.

As commuters sometimes don’t realise where are we walking through; because it’s part of our journey and use to seeing every day the same scape. But, as photographers we can’t afford this distraction. This is one of the most famous Landmarks in the world and anyone comes to visit London walk around to see the Cathedral. it’s a privilege take photos here whenever suits you. What I’m trying to explain is that if you have decided become a photographer, don’t get distracted, pay attention where you are all the time and take profit of it getting nice images.

The Northcote Arms. Leyton. London

An English pub in the heart of Leyton just at 10 min walking form the underground station. That day I was having a walk enjoying the sunny day. When I saw Its facade in front of me couldn't resist the temptation to take a photo. Great building and also very nice atmosphere with good beer and amazing pizzas...

Refugee Lives Matter-Solidarity Day of Action.

Walthamstow. London. September the 19th, 2020. Today at 14:30 an event in support of refugees has been hosted by Waltham Forest Stand up to Racism in Walthamstow Town Square. The speech, against the treatment received by refugees in the UK and the rest of Europe by Politicians has been strong, direct and powerful. WFSR has been also raising money to support Care4Calais, a group of volunteers helping refugees in France and Belgium. You can still join the event tomorrow Sunday the 20 at Walthamstow Town Square at 16:30. Powerful speech of Sophie Bolt.

Having a nap in Walthamstow. London.

London is plenty of green zones where you can rest a bit or whatever. That day I was walking around Walthamstow Council, and I saw that guy relaxing on the grass enjoying the sunny day. To take this photo I got very close to him pointing up my camera to the horizon. I used a 16mm lens to get the person and also the sun to express the idea how people use the parks in the city, in this case "enjoying the good weather". This image was taken at ISO 200, speed 1/160 and f/22. By the way, be careful when shooting the sun, if the aperture is too small like, 2.8 or 4 (even higher) you'll get a quite diffuse point on the sky. To get the sun as a star also showing the rays; You need to close the aper

Lea Bridge. Leyton. London

London, such an amazing city to be a photographer. This photo has been taken with a 14mm lens. However, I still consider myself a classic street photographer. I like to show life as I see, how people live, behave and use the space. I know it doesn't look like but, I was very close to the persons you see in the frame, a 14mm gives you angle enough to get close and lot of action, and also, "and this is an important point", you can point up the camera wherever and still capture what you need, so, in most of the occasions nobody realise they're in the photo, and this is one of the requirements to shoot classic street photography: Naturalness, spontaneous behave, take life as it is. Don't pay muc

Southwark and The Shard. London.

As a photographer, the light is your best friend. It is very important to stay at the right place and moment to take the photo. That's why you really need to follow the sun and calculate when the photo must be taken. I took this photo at 8:30 pm on August the first 2020 from the Tower Bridge.

Energy. Bank. London

Light is energy and energy is motion. Everything moves to a destination or a destiny. Who knows that... Original Raw file. Photo taken at ISO400, f22, 13sec. Olympus EM1 MarkII. 12-40 pro 2.8. Let me tell you something about "Night Photography". It's always better take the photo before gets dark to get more detail and colour in the sky. This means that actually you won't have lot of time to shoot, so, it's better don't plan to take many photographs in different locations. Get just one or two good images, you won't regret.