Normal... in progress

London, UK. October the 21st, 2020. Finally and after being too thinking about it for long time, I've got the chance to start my project NORMAL. The model in the photo is called Stella and is the first person participating in. You also can be part of it. Find out more here. Photo: Marcos Casado

Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the Anti Racism International Conference.

London. UK. Saturday the 17th at 19:00. With more than 50.000 people following the online International conference hosted by Stand up to Racism, the British Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has given a powerful speech treating themes like the Fascism is suffering Greece at the current time with "literally" groups of radicals riding the streets trying to identify immigrants to attack and intimidate them. Talking about the consequences of Racism dividing the society not only because our skin colour also about our religion or social status. We won't give way to Racism He said... Photo: Marcos Casado. London.

Stand up to Racism. International conference.

London on October the 14th, 2020. From Covid-19 to Black Lives Matter... This weekend (Sat 17 and Sun 18) Stand up to Racism holds its international conference to talk about all themes affect Racism in our planet like economy, education, colonialism, fascism..., and also about the racist offensives from Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Click here to join it and get more information. Photo: Marcos Casado at Parliament Square, London.


To attack, insult, intimidate, ignore, rape, kill, underestimate, hit, spit, despise, shout, go over, smash, exterminate, steal, pull apart, tie up, sniff at, differentiate, hate, bully, mistreat, harass, persecute, imprison, prejudge... Etc..., etc..., etc... Why?, What's the sense about that? Especially because it's a fact that there is only one race in our planet. The Human Being. That's it. So, I wonder if the word RACE is just an invention from someone interested to create as many differences as possible between us. Also, and taking the fact as a prime premise and consequently to be a RACIST has no sense; I wonder, How can we describe a RACIST?. What's the proper word?. Perhaps, Ignora

The London Bridge and the storm.

I’m a mediterranean guy from Barcelona, and people tell me sometimes, how I can live in London having such a nice weather in Barcelona, haha. Live is much more than that, and actually, I consider the UK a perfect place for a photographer because the weather is not steady at all, and the possibilities of different types of light you can get even in a single day are very divers, and when you are in use of it, it’s a piece of cake 😬. “ I confess I became a Vitamin C adict 🤦‍♂️“. This photo was taken from the City Hall at evening, the sun was quite low and illuminated the London Bridge with that orange and yellow tones. Beautiful. The lucky thing was the storm coming suddenly to us presenting

Sports on the streets.

You can find beautiful scenarios watching people playing on the streets. London has a very diverse architecture and gives many possibilities to get nice shots. In this case I was queuing in kings Cross; when I get close to these guys I took this photo. I had in my camera my 7-12mm which gave me the chance to get the all the action keeping the queue; it is true that the table it’s quite magnified but the image works because shows the scene at it was. Two guys playing table tennis surrounded by different people doing whatever; chanting, meeting, having a break after a bicycle trip... and a typical London architecture holding the venue. One shot frame, no sequence. This is what it means street

Cinema portrait.

This is Marina. She came to me to get some portraits for her acting portfolio. This one was my favourite. To get it I used a classic lifting just with one point of light (in this case a flash) and a reflector at the other side to get detail in shadows. The flash was in parallel at her left at about 4ft distance, and a little bit high to get the typical Hollywood shadow nose. That’s it. Easy, simple and beautiful.


That day I was in Kings Cross at the Gelato Feast (Summer 2019), big crowd, long queues and lot of noise around. I sat to rest a bit beside this family and I notice that they were in complete silence, nobody Was telling anything immerse in their own though. Then I saw the graffiti on the wall telling Sshhh... and I felt was a perfect moment to capture. Street photography doesn’t give you the change to rest, keep always your eyes open and your camera ready.


Having always as a prime premise that photography is a language, We need tu use the right technique to explain what we desire. In this case I was walking around Leyton looking for nice landscapes. At this location I saw a storm moving forward and quick with dark clouds advertising an imminent rain. The guys were playing football run away, leaving the space empty just for me. I change the settings of my camera to black and white as I actually couldn't imagine this image in colour. I was sure that the grey scale will give the proper drama to explain concepts like: loneliness, desert, mystery, fair, isolation, after, old...

Family portraits. Capturing feelings.

I always say that when you shoot portraits people have to recognize themselves in the photo. This thing sounds logic but it's not actually easy to achieve. As a professional you need to make people comfortable in front your camera especially if there are kids around. As many instructions you give to them as much artificial will be the image, and probably you will get paid, but they won't put that photo in their living room... A family is about feelings, naturalness, spontaneity and love... Let them be themselves, try to be part of the group and just capture what you see. My advice to shoot families is get good lighting (better flash than continuous) and speed enough to capture the action bec