Correfoc de La Mercè. No -On fire- this year.

Barcelona, on September the 28th, 2020.

Every September from the 24th until the 26th (Check dates every year you want to join), Barcelona celebrates Its biggest feast:La Mercè; with more than 350 cultural events across the city.

One of the most spectacular celebrations is the "Correfoc" when different groups dressed in devil customs, carrying flares and playing drums invade part of the city spreading fireworks wherever. People follow them dancing, screaming and running from the explosions and lines of fire covering the streets. Pure adrenaline...

Unfortunately this year hasn't been like that because of the bloody Covid-19. The photos you see are from previous years and I hope is gonna be like that the next season again. So, get ready an prepare your trip :).

"This is one of the best weeks to travel to Barcelona meeting the city and the Catalan culture".

Photos: Marcos Casado.

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