Fashion portrait.

I took this photo eleven years ago in Barcelona. I like to say that is one of my favourites fashion portraits. However, in 2009 this type of photos were not considered good images. Like, out of date or old fashion style not in use anymore. I didn’t care honestly, and my customer was very happy with the series. Was taken at ISO3200 f2.8 1/60, daylight White balance and a direct flash without diffuser; I used a hybrid non professional equipment with a digital body 4mp and an analogical 50mm lens manual focus. Some colleges told me I was crazy, but I didn’t care, haha. Photography is a language and you can use anything you consider to get the message for your customer.

Today, I’m happy to see young photographers using again this style and now is me who is laughing on those that got in panic with this photo. Keep always your personality when shooting, get the right result for your customer and don’t listen too much, just go for it.

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