Having a nap in Walthamstow. London.

London is plenty of green zones where you can rest a bit or whatever. That day I was walking around Walthamstow Council, and I saw that guy relaxing on the grass enjoying the sunny day. To take this photo I got very close to him pointing up my camera to the horizon. I used a 16mm lens to get the person and also the sun to express the idea how people use the parks in the city, in this case "enjoying the good weather". This image was taken at ISO 200, speed 1/160 and f/22.

By the way, be careful when shooting the sun, if the aperture is too small like, 2.8 or 4 (even higher) you'll get a quite diffuse point on the sky. To get the sun as a star also showing the rays; You need to close the aperture(f/14- f/32) as much as you can and stay at about 45 degrees of it. As much as You close the aperture as much sharpened will be the light form.

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