Keeping the Soul...(Portrait photography).

This is Shari Johns-Jules a Londoner songwriter and singer, also a friend of mine who I use to photographing. This photo was taken in a Studio in Cristal Palace during a rehearsal.

Shari has something special when is in front of a camera; She is very comfortable and you just need to control the lighting, nothing else, the rest is done. I took this photo in a small break between songs, when I saw her in that position getting ready for the next performance I set up my continuous light at 3200K and I shoot, I didn't think, just wanted the photo, even didn't say anything, I got ready and just before the click she looked at me spontaneously and that it. I love this photo, has soul, power and warmness.

It's not easy at all be a portrait photographer and get the personality of the person you're shooting, that's why you need to be empathic and able to connect with the model, talk to Him/Her and get an idea how is this person, then the job is just easier.

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