Lea Bridge. Leyton. London

London, such an amazing city to be a photographer. This photo has been taken with a 14mm lens. However, I still consider myself a classic street photographer. I like to show life as I see, how people live, behave and use the space.

I know it doesn't look like but, I was very close to the persons you see in the frame, a 14mm gives you angle enough to get close and lot of action, and also, "and this is an important point", you can point up the camera wherever and still capture what you need, so, in most of the occasions nobody realise they're in the photo, and this is one of the requirements to shoot classic street photography: Naturalness, spontaneous behave, take life as it is.

Don't pay much attention to people say that to be a street photographer the main thing is to have a small camera with a 35mm. This is not like that, just keep your personality, get the equipment you are comfortable with and go for it. Only your skills and experience can make you a good photographer.

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