Pregnancy photography. Backlight. London. (Portrait).

I really like this kind of sessions. Are plenty of creativity and feelings. In this case I wanted a Backlight frame to get a perfect silhouette.

To achieve this photo I just needed a high contrast scenario pointing up the lights to the background (You don’t need to illuminate the model).

I got 5 spots of difference between the high lights and the shadows, which was enough to get the results. To take the photo I focused to the model but I put in my camera the measure from the background’s light: f22, 1/250, ISO200 against the shadows’ light: f3,5. I decided to use this settings because the f22 gave me shallow deep enough to get the floor also in focus, which was what I looked for.

Take your time to iluminate the scene, You won’t regret, and never had the though “oh it’s fine I’ll fix it in photoshop“. Photoshop It’s an amazing tool to edit and improve but try don’t use it to fix photos, as better your files are as better will be your edition.

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