To attack, insult, intimidate, ignore, rape, kill, underestimate, hit, spit, despise, shout, go over, smash, exterminate, steal, pull apart, tie up, sniff at, differentiate, hate, bully, mistreat, harass, persecute, imprison, prejudge... Etc..., etc..., etc... Why?, What's the sense about that? Especially because it's a fact that there is only one race in our planet. The Human Being. That's it. So, I wonder if the word RACE is just an invention from someone interested to create as many differences as possible between us.

Also, and taking the fact as a prime premise and consequently to be a RACIST has no sense; I wonder, How can we describe a RACIST?. What's the proper word?. Perhaps, Ignorant?, Stupid?, Radical? Short of mind?, Narrow?, Bubble mind?, Rotten brain?, Tiny brain?, Backward?, Killer?, Rapist?... I don't know to be honest, should be a proper word, maybe is one of these, Who knows that...

Photo: Marcos Casado. On June the 6th, 2020. Parliament Square, London. UK.

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